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Tuesday, November 29 2011

As a new Avon representative I have just been having so much fun creating and setting up my business! An added bonus is trying out some of the products that I have never tried before. After hearing so many testimonials about the quality of our Anew products I had to try it myself. I am on my 5th day using the Anew Rejuvenate (for 30 somethings) and I LOVE it. My skin hasn't looked better and I love the feel and scent. It's like a twice daily spa treatment for my face. I am also using the Anew Clinical Peel every other day and it rocks. Bye Bye uneven skin and icky pores. Loving it!

Don't worry for you gorgeous gals in your 40's, 50's, 60's... we have the perfect Anew regiment for you too. Take the short Anew Quiz on my site and you will be recommended the perfect product for your specific skin needs!

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